Commercial Security Cameras & Video Surveillance Systems In Stonecrest, Smyrna, Atlanta, Marietta, Stockbridge, McDonough, GA, and Surrounding Areas

Media Genius provides professional-grade video surveillance systems for commercial and government industries in Atlanta, Smyrna, Marietta, and the surrounding areas. This includes custom applications for: military bases, government buildings, parks, healthcare facilities, hotels, restaurants, schools, retail locations and home owners associations. Our team has developed a number of proprietary solutions to address the unique challenges our clients encounter.

Benefits of Business Security Camera Systems

  • Increasing Productivity

    You’ve heard it said: “When the cat’s away the mice will play!” researched what employees do when the boss is not looking. Many people admitted to spending excessive time on social media, taking longer lunches, making personal phone calls and playing games instead of working. Research also showed that installing surveillance cameras is one of the best deterrents to unproductive behavior. As an add-on solution, Media Genius offers business security camera systems with audio so you can hear what is going on at all times and easily document employee behavior for disciplinary purposes. In addition, in some situations, hidden cameras are a legal, legitimate consideration – and we are the pros at creatively concealing them.

  • Workflow Monitoring

    Video cameras and video surveillance systems allow you to monitor workflow to increase efficiency. Many of our customers use security camera systems to monitor performance metrics and then use the data to conduct case studies. This is especially true in factories and shipping/receiving environments where cameras track merchandise, help time stamp packages and confirm products are properly assembled.

  • Safer Workplace

    Protecting your employees is just as important as keeping other business assets safe. Commercial security cameras mounted at entry points, exits and in parking lots help promote a safer work environment. We can also configure your cameras to work with your access control system.

  • Cost Savings

    Many insurance carriers offer discounts for professionally installed security camera systems for businesses in McDonough, Atlanta, Stonecrest, Stockbridge, GA, and the surrounding areas. Additional cost savings come from the loss prevention these systems provide to monitor inventory.

  • Avoid Lawsuits

    Cameras are one of the most effective ways to collect evidence to eliminate frivolous lawsuits. When the facts are on tape, there is little room for “He said. She said.”

Video Surveillance Systems and CCTV Systems

Let us show you how video technology can impact your bottom line and save you time, money, and resources. We are a direct vendor with major video surveillance system manufacturers and are able to offer substantial savings that beat our competition. Our team will recommend the best security camera systems for your specific needs and budget. Whether it’s IP, pan tilt zoom technology, auto-tracking, or license plate cameras, we give you the most advanced features for your investment.

Our video surveillance systems feature 24/7 video storage options and give you the flexibility to add as little as one week and up to three years of saved footage. All systems are configured so that you and/or your staff can view your cameras from anywhere in the world via a mobile phone, PC, or Mac. We also offer solutions for multiple property sites – it’s easy to view all of your locations via the same application.