Fire Alarm Systems and Fire Alarms in South Fulton, GA

Fire Alarm System in South FultonWhen you have as much fire alarm system experience as we do at Media Genius, your customers will recommend services to their friends and peers. Our customers find us through a search looking for commercial fire alarm system installation in South Fulton, GA. Our reputation grows stronger every day and the ratings customers give us reflect this.

When you hire Media Genius for your South Fulton commercial fire alarms, you are getting multi-tiered benefits.

  1. Experienced project teams. It takes a complete team to design a fire alarm system. Different needs in power and cabling, municipality regulations, licensing knowledge and more. Our project teams have worked with customers in every step of design from the first architectural drawing to retrofitting an existing building.
  2. High-quality equipment. Some manufacturers have designed their systems to specifically meet certain regulations. Using this and other top equipment gets the job done faster and helps to pass necessary inspections.
  3. Competitive pricing. We know you need to have a fire alarm system installed in your building and offer competitive pricing. Even with the quality equipment we use and our outstanding service, we will still be one of the most competitively priced fire alarm system companies in South Fulton.

Fire Alarms in South Fulton, GA

Fire Alarms for South Fulton, GA

Experience matters, especially when you need to pass inspection to open your doors. Let us help you with designing the warning system with fire alarms that will help you pass inspection the first time. We have worked on many different systems for all types of buildings including:

  • Military bases
  • Government buildings
  • Public spaces
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Retail locations

Media Genius is a fully comprehensive installer of fire alarms in South Fulton. This means we do the design, installation, and service. We also test, inspect, and repair a number of the different parts of your South Fulton fire alarm system including:

  • Control valves and switches
  • Main alarm panels
  • Batteries
  • Flow switches
  • Tamper switches
  • Low pressure switches
  • Detectors
  • Horn and strobe functions
  • Electrical wiring
  • Device positioning
  • Site conditions

Contact our sales department for more information. We would love to help any business in South Fulton with the fire alarm system they need, for protection and code.

Fire Alarm Systems for South Fulton

As a newer city incorporated in 2016, South Fulton does not have much historic population data. The most historic data from the United States Census Bureau does estimate the population in 2016 at 85,000. In 2019 the population had grown to be just over 99,000 which makes it the fifth largest city in Georgia.